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Francis Flynn

Francis Flynn

My research focuses on interpersonal relations, particularly in organizations. Specifically, I study three topics: (1) How people can develop healthy patterns of cooperation; (2) How the negative impact of racial and gender stereotyping can be mitigated; and (3) Why certain individuals tend to emerge as leaders and assume positions of power.

Primary Interests:

  • Gender Psychology
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Persuasion, Social Influence

Research Group or Laboratory:

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Journal Articles:

Courses Taught:

  • Crafting Effective Communication
  • Executive Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Research Methods

Francis Flynn
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
518 Memorial Way, Littlefield 382
Stanford, California 94305
United States

  • Phone: (650) 724-0312
  • Fax: (650) 725-9932

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